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Treatment Philosophy
〜To ensure that animals and people can spend time together as a family in peace.
Thank you for visiting the Chubu Veterinary Hospital website.
We understand that many things happen in the lives of animals that cannot speak.
Our philosophy at Chubu Veterinary Hospital is to understand the anxieties of our owners through conversations and to provide the best possible treatment for them and their animals at an early stage.
We provide preventive care such as vaccines, filaria, fleas, ticks, and physical examinations, as well as training and dietary concerns so that animals and their owners can live in peace and good health as a family.
We believe that it is very important to consult with owners when there is something wrong with their animals to determine what kind of examination is necessary and how to treat the disease when it is discovered through examination.
To this end, our staff will constantly update their medical knowledge to provide the best possible care, and we aim to be a hospital that families can feel comfortable visiting.
We will support you so that you can spend a happy time with your animals with peace of mind.
Greetings from the Director
Greetings from the Director
I am Shinnosuke Ishijima, Director of Chubu Animal Hospital.
I have decided to open a veterinary hospital in Chatan-cho, Okinawa.
I look forward to working with you all.
I am originally from Kanto, and I have been working at an animal hospital for about 6 years. When I was a child, I visited Okinawa several times with my family and thought to myself, “What a nice place with a beautiful ocean, kind people, and delicious food! I want to live here someday!“ I am very happy to be able to work in the land of my dreams.
What made me want to become a veterinarian was a heartwarming comedy movie starring Eddie Murphy called Doctor Dolittle. This movie is a very interesting film in which the main character’s life and way of thinking changes through animals as the doctor, who can talk to animals, hears their thoughts directly in their language, helping them solve their problems and sometimes animals causing him trouble.
However, as much as I yearn for it, it is not like the movie.
That is why I value the awareness of the owners who live with their animals as family members and based on that, I find physical abnormalities in their animals.
Let’s work together for a healthy and happy life, for your family and your Animals.
Shinnosuke Ishijima
Shinnosuke Ishijima
Reservations can be made by phone.
814‐1 Kamiseido, Chatan‐cho, Nakagamigun, Okinawaken 904- 0101 ▶︎Google map
17 parking lots available
Reception and filling out the medical questionnaire
Please hand your consultation ticket to the receptionist.
If this is your first visit, please inform the reception staff and please fill out the medical questionnaire.
Diagnosis, examination and treatment
We will ask you about your animals detailed symptoms and when the symptoms started.
We will propose examinations and treatments according to what we have heard.
Payment ・Prescription of medicine
Medicines are prescribed together at checkout.
Various payment methods(We do not accept dollar payments)
We accept various payment methods such as credit cards and electronic money and Cash(Yen Only)
[Pet Insurance] Anicom Insurance, Inc / ipet Insurance is supported for Over-the-counter payment.

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