I took a SUB System 3.0 course.


The SUB System is specifically made for ureteral stone with obstructions in the passageway from the kidney to the bladder, such as ureteral stones (unresolvable or too large), ureteral stenosis 、tumors, etc.

The device has been improved over the years, and problems such as blockage and bending are becoming less frequent.

However, there are still some issues, such as the need for periodic cleaning of the device and its high cost, but we will continue to improve our skills to be able to respond to these issues so that we can save as many lives as possible.

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I took a SUB System 3.0 course. | 中部動物病院 Chubu Vet|沖縄県北谷町|Chubu Vet,OkinawaChubu Vet,Okinawa